Feel the #MagicOfWarmth

*Basis comparison with un-treated hair

Dull hair days?

Not this winter.*

Hello, winter.

Goodbye, dry hair.*

Happy frizz-free

winter to you.*

Parachute Advansed Hot Oil

Made especially for the winters, Parachute Advanced Hot Oil is enriched with the goodness of coconut oil and warming Ayurvedic oils of malkagini, hibiscus, white thyme & piper nigum to provide nourishment to the hair. When rubbed and activated, the warmth of the hot oil protects hair from dryness, dullness & frizziness to bring your hair back to life.

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Feel the #MagicOfWarmth

Relationships are made up of both, happy and sad moments. While the journey through the upheavals can be difficult, a touch of warmth is all you need to smooth things over. Add the #MagicOfWarmth to your winter and drive the frizz away!